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In Dubai Top Models escorts are demanding day by day. These all are models and model escorts

Laiba Ali

Blog of Laiba where you can read more about Laiba. She is from Pakistan and a Pakistani national. She is very young talented Pakistani model and model escort. She is working last couple of months. She can be your ideal lady as she has a ideal figure with 168cm height.  Laiba is experienced talented and most demanding escort in Dubai, Top Models in Dubai. she is a model also and right now she is working as an escort. she is friendly and can be a good partner.Laiba is experienced Pakistani escort. She is a demanding girl in our agency,. One more important thing is that she has a many followers and they says about her she is very sincere and friendly in behavior.


Ragni ‘s blog. She is the most demanding Indian escort  in our agency, Top Models in Dubai sometime it's very difficult to define about somebody. Ragni is one of them. she is talented and experienced escort with attractive body structure. she is a famous model also and she has also many followers she  is  pure Indian escort and she is very talented girl in our agency. she is very friendly and has a positive attitude towards her customers. Ragni is an Asian girl and she is working with our company last couple of months

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